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Stucco Services a Contractor Can Help You With

At Lead City Pro we help our clients with many different services, including those related to stucco. With this being such a sensitive and unique material, we never encourage homeowners to work on it on their own. Instead, we urge them to contact a professional who can make sure any service is done properly from start to finish. Some of the projects you can expect a contractor to help you with are listed below.

1. Stucco Application

Stucco is made out of a mix to create a cement plaster. In order to achieve the correct appearance, it has to be applied in the proper manner. When a professional does this for you, there won’t be worries about whether or not the materials were mixed properly or if they were applied the right way. Their experience and training will ensure they do every step of the work properly and you’re left with beautiful stucco as a result.

2. Stucco Repairs

If you’ve noticed the stucco on your home has cracked or become damaged because of age or the weather, you can rely on a contractor to help you with repairs. Their expertise will mean seamless patches that mix right in with the rest of your stucco so there’s no difference in the look of the exterior.

3. Stucco Replacement

When the damage to stucco becomes too much, a total replacement may be necessary. It’s beneficial to hire a professional in this type of situation because they can remove the old material quickly before properly replacing it with the proper mixture of materials. With that, you’ll enjoy a more beautiful home exterior that will look like new again.

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