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What To Expect


1. Leads can/will be delivered to you in 1 of 3 different formats, Email, Text, Or Phone Calls. Some clients may get a combination of 2 or more depending on how we approach your online campaign.

2. You should call or respond to your leads within 24-48 hours. We can’t stress enough how important it is to call your leads back within in this time frame. Please always be on the lookout for text messages, emails, or incoming phone calls.

3. When calling, emailing or texting your leads you should respond saying or stating “How’s it going? My name is _________I received your information today and I wanted to help answer any questions you may have about (say service requested )then we can set up an appointment to come over, so I can give you a proper quote.” You can use your own rendition of this script. Please be advised that sometimes the customer on the lead doesn’t remember where they found the information online.

4. Please make sure you use all methods of contact. You should also call/contact the lead early morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening. You can always send a text and email message, in response to you receiving the lead right away as well.

5. Even though we do our best to qualify our leads, the lead/lead generation system isn’t perfect and never will be due to how consumers react, change their mind, mis-communicate or are being indecisive. Sometimes consumers contact more than one contractor on or offline without our knowledge, which is out of our control.

6. Please feel free to call your account manager right away at (866) 599-1355 to discuss any questions regarding your account. Do not wait weeks or months, to tell us about leads that were not satisfactory for your company. We need your communication as to how the leads are panning out for you to run a successful campaign for you.

7. Please call or email customer support for any questions or concerns regarding your lead campaign at (866) 599-1355 and speak with your account manager. You can email support at DO NOT CALL YOUR SALES REP OR SALES MANAGER WHO SIGNED YOU UP, AS THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ASSIT YOU WITH ANY OF THESE NEEDS.

8. Please check your email spam/junk mail folder in the beginning of your campaign, as some emails will sometimes be sent there. This is out of our control and is controlled by your email provider. To fix this problem, you need to find or search for the email in your folder. It will be sent from . Once the email is found, make sure to mark it “NOT SPAM” so your email provider will know, to start sending the leads to your inbox. If you need further assistance doing this. Please contact our support team and speak with your account manager at (866) 599-1355.

9. You will be billed each month from “EDC” not “LEAD CITY PRO”. You will see the initials “EDC” on your bank statement. Lead City Pro is the name of the campaign, Please be advised.

10. Do not try and reply to text messages or emails sent from our LEAD CITY PRO campaigns, as those messages won’t be received by anyone. If you have a question about a lead, please contact support and speak with your account manager at (866) 599-1355 or you can email support at , with your questions.

11. Our Lead City Pro / EDC support team and account managers are available to speak with, Monday through Friday from hours of 6:30am-5pm PST.

12. If you find that our service does not provide a return on your investment within 60 business days, we will continue to work for free until you are completely satisfied.