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When to Hire a Contractor for Window and Door Service

At Lead City Pro we have helped our clients with a wide variety of home projects. While remodeling is incredibly common, so are basic home upgrades such as windows and doors. If you’re interested in having either of these installed, below are situations when the help of a contractor can be the most useful.

1. New Purchases

If you just built a home and need to have doors installed, it’s never recommended to do it on your own. The expertise of a professional will help ensure your home’s structure is kept in good condition and your door is left in good shape.

2. Replacements

If you’re going to replace the doors or windows in your home, the help of a contractor is crucial. Without their help, you would spend days or likely weeks trying to do the work on your own. Additionally, the heavy weight of these items and physical stress of removing those that were old can be more than most can handle. When you hire a contractor, they will come over with a crew to take care of the work for you.

3. Repairs

No matter what type of windows or doors you have, repairs could be necessary any time of the year. To reduce your stress and the time it would take to do this type of work, give a contractor a call. They can easily do even complex repairs so you can avoid the cost of brand new units that really aren’t necessary. In fact, repairs and maintenance can help make your doors and windows last for much longer than they would otherwise.

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